OHRIJA brand
OHRIJA was founded in 2020 by a group of experienced engineers and designers. We want to create high quality charging solutions for electronic devices. Our goal is to provide consumers with chargers that are not only reliable and efficient, but also affordable and stylish.

The company’s brand name, OHRIJA, is a combination of two words: “OHM,” which is a unit of electrical resistance, and “RIJA,” which means “to guide” in Chinese.     This name reflects the company’s focus on creating products that can efficiently manage electrical resistance while guiding charging currents safely to electronic devices.

From the beginning, OHRIJA set out to create chargers that were not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.     They wanted their customers to be proud to display their chargers as part of their tech accessories collection.     To achieve this, OHRIJA invested heavily in design, using premium materials like aluminum and glass to create sleek and modern chargers that stood out from the competition.

Over the years, OHRIJA has continued to innovate and improve its product line, introducing faster charging technologies like Quick Charge, Electric bicycle, robot, wheel chair, golf cart, CLUB car, RV battery pack and other battery chargers.     Today, OHRIJA is a well-respected brand in the world of charging solutions, known for its  quality, reliability, and style .First-class after-sales service

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